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Mixed-Media Art Classes  

with Pascale


I will invite you very regulary to explore different techniques – as in painting : aquarelle, acrylics, oil, pigments, ink – in drawing : charcoal, graphite pencils, pastels, … You will also approach different aspects including portraits, landscapes, still-life, abstract subjects, etc. Printing techniques and sculpting with clay will also be explored. Every student is encouraged to believe in and to experience his or her potential and creativity.  This courses are as well for beginners as for advanced people  😉

Emphasis is on enjoying the process and discovering the inner self through art.

See TESTIMONIES in “Teacher”

Draw with your right brain method by Betty Edwards

You will learn in easy steps to draw the reality as it is : objects, perpectives, portraits, etc. Through leaded exercices which are very easy to follow.
Mixed-Media & Draw with your Right Brain schedules  with Pascale
12.09.-23.12.16 – 16.01 – 30.06.2017





Price: 10 lessons for 250 € (materials included)

It is possibe to join at any time is possible : please contact me



OIL/ACRYLIC CLASSESTandie Connected to the Masters 4 Website

This course is made for people who wants to learn to work with oïl or acrylics, or who wants to deepen their knowledge about it. It’s a 100 % painting course.

Depending of your needs, you will learn how to use correctly colours, shadings and light, composition, etc..  through themes as landscape painting, life model, abstract works, still life…

This painting course is open to everyone, Tandie will be very carefull to guide everybody on its artistic and personal way.  This oil or acrylic painting course will take place once a week, on tuesday evening from 19:00-21:00. You subscribe for 10 classes that you can renew. The first class will be the 13th of September, but you can join us anytime. The groups are small and the guiding is very personal.

The TRIAL CLASS will take place on the 13 th of Septembre and will cost 25 euros MATERIAL INCLUDED,

Oil/acrylics Painting schedules 

16.09.-23.12.16 – 16.01 – 30.06.2017



 250 € for 10 classes no material included. You’ll find a list here under.  
5 euros/class if you want to use our material  


It is possibe to join at any time is possible : please contact me

Material for oil

– tubes (200 ml) : titan white, ivory black, cadmium red, Alizarin Crimson, ultramarin blue,  phtalo blue, light cadmium yellow, cadmium yellow, raw umber, sienna burned, Hooker’s green (optionnal) – Sennelier and Windsor&Newton are good brands- pay attention that the pigments are mixed with LINSEED oil

– Brushes: a few natural bristle brushes in different sizes : 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large – 1 palet kife

– disposable palette, small bottle linseed oil (any brand), 250 ml Eco-house extra-mild Citrus thinner, a few small rags, 2 reg-sized jars with tops for cleaning brushes and storing medium, a box to storage

Material for acrylics :

– Tubes min 200 ml : cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red light, ivory black, Titanium white, pftalo blue, phtalo green, raw umber, burnt sienna, alizarin Crimson, matte gel medium (optional)

– Brushes : natural or synthetic, 2 smal, 2 medium, 2 large, 1 palette knife

– a few small rags, disposable palette, spray bottle (optional), 1 jar to clean the brushes, a box to storage

Support : all kind of papers (pre-primed or not), masonite boeard, canvasses


It is possible to join at any time: please contact me


I’ve been attending art classes with Pascale for nearly 6 years, her class having become one of the most enjoyable moments in my week.
Through Pascale’s skill, competence and encouragement, I have discovered “the artist in me” and this creativity has in turn increased my self-confidence.
I now believe there is an artist in each of us! With each class, I continue to explore and expand my competences through each new medium she proposes. A talented artist with great sensitivity and insight, her other strength lies in her ability to allow students to discover themselves through their art. Thanks, Pascale!

I would recommend Pascale’s art classes to all ages, they are informative, relaxing and fun, you will be inspired and challenged and have the opportunity to socialise and go home with your very own masterpiece each week, what more can you ask for.

My seven year old daughter really enjoyed her week with Pascale. She got to try using different techniques and materials, and created artwork that she would not have been able to do at home. She enjoyed working in Pascale’s studio & felt like a ‘real artist’.