Painting classes adults Brussels


  • Mixed Media & Draw with your right brain
  • Oil classes

Mixed Media Art Classes with Pascale Lorge

I will invite you very regularly to explore different art techniques: as in PAINTING: aquarelle, acrylics, oil, pigments, inks, Chinese inks, etc..  also on different supports: different papers, canvas, etc….as in DRAWING: charcoal, graphite pencils, pastels, … etc.   You will also approach different aspects including portraits, landscapes, still-life, abstract subjects, etc. Printing techniques and sculpting with clay will also be explored, as graphical studies as well.  Every student is encouraged to believe in and to experience his or her p o t e n t i a l  and  c r e a t i v i t y .  These art courses are as well for beginners as for advanced people  😉

Emphasis is on enjoying the process and discovering the inner self through art.

+ Draw with your right brain

In this art class, you will learn in easy steps to draw the reality as it is: objects, perspective, portraits, etc. Through leaded exercises which are very easy to follow. These exercises are given in alternation with the MIXED MEDIA classes, so you learn also to draw 🙂

SCHEDULE  MIXED MEDIA & Draw with your Right Brain in alternation  * courses restart 16 th of September 2019 – no class during school holidays and Summer.

Monday morning 10:00 – 12:00 
Monday evening 19:00 – 21:00
Wednesday evening 19:00 – 21:00
Thursday evening 19:00 – 21:00

Price of our Art class: 10 lessons for 270 € (materials included).  After 10 classes, you can restart another 10 lessons.  If you can’t take part in your art class, please let me know. You can come the week after, or you can join one of the other groups in the same week.

Want to take part of our art class? … Here we go: Subscription

NB. It is possible to join our art class at any time is possible: please just contact me

art classes adults Brussels
art classes adults Brussels

Still life, Portrait and Landscape OIL CLASSES

with Angel Loaiza

Modele nu - cours Angel Loaiza

This course is perfect for beginners, as well as for persons who want to deapen their knowledge in oil technique. Angel Loaiza has learned the ancient oil techniques at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, which aim it is to pass on to the future generations, the classical academical oil techniques from Italian Masters, as Carravagio f.i. You will start with black/white Still Life painting and learn about chiaroscouro (black white strong contrast), colours will come in a second stage. With the time, if you like so, you will paint other thematics as portrait, life model, landscape, flowers, …. While painting, you will learn about shadowing, perspective, composition, how to paint wood, water, reflections…

This course is open to any level , Angel is very kean to guide everybody and to share his passion with all of you.

You subscribe for 10 classes. When it’s over, you can go on for another 10 classes. TRIAL class is possible, for the price of 30 €/all incl. The classes are small and individualized. Angel speaks spanish, italian, french and English.

A trial class costs 30 euros. You can jump anytime if there is space

Sazón - course Angel Loaiza
Sazón – course Angel Loaiza

Grapes and wine - course Angel Loaiza
Grapes and wine – course A. Loaiza

Schedules and prices Oil/acrylic Classes -16 th of September 2019 till end of June 2020 AND DURING SUMMER 2019

10 classes costs 270 euros all incl. except canvas

Tuesday  19:00-21:00
also during Summer 2019


SUMMER CLASSES !!! One evening/week 

tuesdays 19:00-21:00

150 € /5 classes 270 €/10 cl.

trial 30 €


– 14:00-17:00 – not in 2019


 € all incl


– 14:00-17:00 – not in 2019


€ all incl Subscription

it is possible to join any time, please contact us through subscription

Parent and child TOGETHER in Art

IMG_20140921_164613PARENT-CHILD classes  (as from 4 Years) : “be together in Art”

Once a month, child and parent (or grand-parent, uncle, aunt, …) come together “to do something” under an artist’s supervision. The adult helps and supports the child, together they discover their unsuspected talents.
Big joy for both and a nice way to REALLY BE with your child.  Have a look on the Facebook page Art en Ciel (home page there is a link)  to have a look on what we have done the some of the passed session 🙂

FAMILIES WHICH SUBSCRIBE TO ALL THE SESSIONS ARE PRIOR. If you can’t come to the one or the other session, let me know, or join temporarely the other groups. Classes have to be prepaid – If you are in, but can’t attend one class at the end, you’ll be reimbursed if I can find a replacement (waiting list), or you can find a replacement, or you can join one of the other group if there is space.

Example of activities : painting sunflowers with sefmade pigment-paint, “stained-glass based on chinese ink and coloured inks, mobile with branches and different designs of birds, clay animals : owl, pinguin, etc, printing real leaves with differents special printing inks, building Santa Claus’ House, winter lanscapes with soft pastel, japanese fish with chinese ink and rice paper, chinese painting with cherry blossoms, pop-ups with collages, fishes and dolphines with soft pastels…. etc Have a look on the Facebook page Art en Ciel Brussels to have a look on what we have done the some of the passed session 🙂


SATURDAY  16:00 -17:15/30  with Pascale (Engl/Fr/Nl/De)

21 September/19 October/16 November/14 December 2019

1 adult + 1 child = 30 €/session all materials included * each additional child/adult : 10 €/session


SUNDAY  GROUP  : 16:00 -17:15/30

22 September/20 October/17 November/15 December 2019

1 adult + 1 child = 30 € all included * each additional child/adult : 10 €



I’ve been attending art classes with Pascale for nearly 6 years, her class having become one of the most enjoyable moments in my week.
Through Pascale’s skill, competence and encouragement, I have discovered “the artist in me” and this creativity has in turn increased my self-confidence.
I now believe there is an artist in each of us! With each class, I continue to explore and expand my competences through each new medium she proposes. A talented artist with great sensitivity and insight, her other strength lies in her ability to allow students to discover themselves through their art. Thanks, Pascale!

I would recommend Pascale’s art classes to all ages, they are informative, relaxing and fun, you will be inspired and challenged and have the opportunity to socialise and go home with your very own masterpiece each week, what more can you ask for.

My seven year old daughter really enjoyed her week with Pascale. She got to try using different techniques and materials, and created artwork that she would not have been able to do at home. She enjoyed working in Pascale’s studio & felt like a ‘real artist’.