Stage pour enfant à Bruxelles - art camps for children in Brussels
Stage pour enfant à Bruxelles – art camps for children in Brussels

These multilingual art stages for KIDS and TEENS invite your children to discover and explore the infinity of possibilities of PAINTING, DRAWING, SCULPTING and much more…:-) ..printing, design, bookmaking….

Your children will be guided by professionaly trainend artists and pedagogues ( all Masters of belgian or foreign art colleges). They will discover a big variety of different techniques and tools : chinese ink, coloured inks, engraving techniques, watercolour, aquarelle, charcoal, pastels, clay sculpting, …. We will focus on creativity, enthusiasm and curiousity.   The TEENS will focus on drawing techniques, engraving techniques, collages, paintings, bookmaking, etc, There will be also a dedicated DRAWING CLASS FOR ADVANCED TEENS & ADULTS end of August with Lea Schmid.  The KIDS will discover  : drawing and painting techniques (seasonal and  other thematics), 3D-designing, stamping techniques, monotyping, clay modelling and so on.

Every child will be encouraged to explore its fool creative potential. The groups stay small (10-12 kids) and a nice and a gentle atmosphere is created. The courses are multilingual : the teachers speak english and french. The stages are organized in half-day camps. Your child chooses to be part of one group : the morning group from 9-12 hr or the afternoon group from 14-17 hr.

The sanitory measures are : all person above 12 y. old must wear a mask, hydroalcoholic gel is available, groups are limited to 12 persons and the rooms will be ventilated regulary.

Atelier d'art à Bruxelles - cours de peinture pour adultes


2-5 November 2021

As usual, the children will explore a lot of different techniques (please look at the general explanation here above related to the art camps). Kids (5-9 y.) and Teens (10-16 y.) will work on their own level ; older teens are accepted, but must be aware that they work with younger teens. 

Different thematics will be explored * Halloween will be one of them.

140 € for a half-day stage, during one week, (4 days) all material inclusive. There will be no stage on November the 1st.

You choose to come in the mornings : 9-12 hr, or in the afternoon 14-17 hr.



21 -25 FEBRUARY for European Schools

only in the afternoon   14-17 hr    KIDS   +   TEENS    Price : 175 € all inclusive

28 FEBRUARY – 4 MARCH for Belgian Schools

9-12 hr  + 14-17 hr     KIDS    + TEENS    Price : 175 € all inclusive

During this week, Carnival will be present as a theme, but not only.  Every day, the children will be in touch with another technique  : painting, drawing, engraving, foldings, and sculpture.  Every child works on its own level, the Teens as well.  The stage will be hold in french and English

You choose a kids group ( 5-10 years) or a Teens group (11-18 years)

You choose to come in the mornings : 9-12 hr, or in the afternoon 14-17 hr.


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