Art camps KIDS & TEENS

Workshops and classes program for adults : HERE

Stage pour enfant à Bruxelles - art camps for children in Brussels
Stage pour enfant à Bruxelles – art camps for children in Brussels

These multilingual art stages are organized in half-days camps, 3h in the morning or in the afternoon. The price is 175€, all materials included.

The courses are open to kids (from 5 to 10 years old) and teens (from 11 to 18 years old). We will focus on creativity, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Each group will work at its own level. The TEENS will focus on drawing techniques, engraving techniques, collages, paintings, bookmaking… The KIDS will be encouraged to explore their artistic potential and creativity through drawing, painting, clay modeling, and collage. We will work about the seasons and themes close to nature together.

Your children will be guided by professionally trained and multilingual artists from Belgium and other countries. Classes are given in English and French, the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. Learning is focused on self-acceptance and the development of personal expression that allows you to be connected with others. Every child will be encouraged to explore its creative potential 🙂

Atelier d'art à Bruxelles - cours de peinture pour adultes


MIXED MEDIA FROM 24 TO 28 OCTOBER 2022  5 half-days 175€ all inclusive 

COMIC STRIP FROM 31 OCTOBER TO 4 NOVEMBER 2022  4 half-days 140€ all inclusive (November 1st is public holidays)

MIXED MEDIA FROM 31 OCTOBER TO 4 NOVEMBER 2022  4 half-days 140€ all inclusive (November 1st is public holidays)

You choose a morning (9-12 hr) or afternoon (14-17 hr) course as well as a group: child (5-9 years old) or teenager (10-18 years old). 

As usual, a lot of different techniques will be discovered: painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, etc. Of course, we will have the pleasure of exploring the Halloween theme.



FROM 21 TO 25 FEBRUARY 2022 – from 14h to 17h – 5 half-days 175€ all inclusive

FROM 28 FEBRUARY TO 4 MARCH 2022 5 half-days 175€ all inclusive

Dates Eft & Ado Eft & Ado
 21-25 Feb 14-17h
 28-4 March 9-12h 14-17h

PRICES : 175€ for 5 days, 140€ for 4 days

You choose a morning (9-12 hr) or afternoon (14-17 hr) course as well as a group: child (5-9 years old) or teenager (10-18 years old). 

Carnival will be present as a theme (masks, costumes, dolls…) amongst other themes. Your children will be in contact with lots of techniques described above : chinese inks, different kind of painting techniques, printing techniques, drawing techniques, some clay, etc…



FROM 4 TO 8 APRIL 2022 – 5 half-days 175€ all inclusive

FROM 11 TO 15 APRIL 2022 5 half-days 175€ all inclusive 

PRICES : 175€ for 5 days, 140€ for 4 days

You choose a morning (9-12 hr) or afternoon (14-17 hr) course as well as a group: child (5-9 years old) or teenager (10-18 years old). 

Your kids will be in touch with lots of techniques. They will work with clay, pigments, inks, drawing and painting techniques adapted to their level and age. If they wish, they can make their creations on the theme of Easter and spring.



As since 20 years, our Summer-stage-programm will offer a wide variety of techniques for kids and teens. This MIXED MEDIA stages offers the opportunity to explore lots of fields in painting, drawing, sculpting, printing and designing techniques. Each morning from 9 to 12hr or each afternoon from 14 to 17hr your kids will be guided by professionnally trained artists, all with a Master degree, all english/french spoken.

During one week, each group will work very creatively on different topics: portraiture, landscapes, graphic explorations, modelling,… 

This year, we also offer a COMIC STRIP workshop with Clément Bletton. Your kids will learn storytelling, create a character, make it move, apply the rules of shadow and light, the laws of framing, the laws of perspective,…

Dates Kids & Teens Kids & Teens
 4-8 July   [FULL] 9-12h 14-17h
 11-15 July   9-12h 14-17h
 18-22 July   (4 days) 9-12h 14-17h
 16-19 Aug     (4 days) 9-12h 14-17h
 22-26 Aug 9-12h 14-17h
 22-26 Aug 9-12h 14-17h

You choose a group in the morning (9-12 hr) or in the afternoon (14-17 hr). Children = 5-9 years old and Teenagers = 10-18 years old. 

PRICES : 175€ for 5 days and 140€ for 4 days all inclusive


Comic Strip courses – Studio Art en Ciel


Anniversaire pour enfants à Bruxelles, Birthday party for kids in Brussels
Anniversaire pour enfants à Bruxelles, Birthday party for kids in Brussels

Week-ends and off-schooldays

1h15 – 1h30 of a memorable creative experience 😉  We choose together a technique, depending of the season, the age, the hobbies of your child, your ideas, our ideas : ink-painting, printing, modelling, designing, crafting,… you’ll find a link here below to our Facebook page with pictures of some activities.

Our offer includes:

  • Animation of +/- 1h15 with an artist
  • All creative materials
  • Tablecloths, glasses, plates and cutlery
  • A personalized invitation sent by email
  • Birthday decorations (balloons, garlands…)

Everything will be ready at your arrival: the studio with the chosen activity, as well as the birthday party table. You can drop off your cake and drinks (fridge available) 15 minutes before the start of the activity. You will be in charge of the catering and the celebration, whilst the teacher tides up the workplace.

Price : 200€ for 10 children, all material inclusive, +10€ per additional child 

The minimum age is 5 years old and the maximum number of participants as follows:

  • 5 years = 10 attendees
  •  6-8 years old = 12 attendees
  •  + 9 years old = 14 attendees

Would you like to invite more children? It is possible, nevertheless a second animator will be needed for an additional price of 80€.
Children -5 years old must be accompanied by an adult who will be in charge to support and to help them.

One parent at least must stay on site during all the duration of the event. 

More informations & questions : please contact us through the register form. We will get back to you very quickly and send you all needed informations. Once we agree on a schedule we send you a pretty personalized invitation to print and share with your guests.



Art en ciel can also organise art birthday parties for Adults.  Please let us know about your wishes.



Recent testimony :

“Dear Pascale, I wanted  to thank you for the lovely afternoon my daughter Olivia spent at your atelier with her friends. Marine was indeed a fantastic animator. She was attentive to the girls and very efficient. Each kid modelled a little animal of their choice and they enjoyed the whole experience very much. It was very well organised and your atelier is so cozy, warm and inspiring. We keep a very fond memory of the party and I’ll no doubt contact you again on another occasion. Best regards, S.L”

“We celebrated my daughter’s 5 year anniversary at Art en Ciel and it was indeed a great experience, which we will definitely repeat. The children were all excited about the project (drawing and then painting a magical tree), which was appropriately chosen for their age and clearly explained. The overall atmosphere was very relaxed and festive, and all the children felt at ease expressing themselves. Thank you for making this day special !” GBF

“Dear Pascale Thank you so much for giving Harry such a wonderful birthday party last Sunday. He absolutely loved it and is very proud of his clay treasure chest and all the treasure in it. I have had many compliments from other parents saying how much their children enjoyed the party and how brilliant you were. It’s not easy keeping 11 five and six year olds engaged for an hour and a half, but you managed it effortlessly, keeping every one of them interested and happy the whole time. You have a real talent for teaching art to children and giving them the confidence to try things for the first time. Thank you for making Harry’s birthday so special. With best wishes for the future, Catherine

Parent and child TOGETHER in Art

Kids Parents Art classes TOGETHER - Cours d'art Parent Enfant ENSEMBLE

Once a month, child(ren) and parent(s) (or grand-parent, uncle, aunt…) come together to create under an artist’s supervision – the adult helps and supports the childs, and together they discover their unsuspected talents.
It is one opportunity to really be with your child, to discover your new talents and meanwhile, (re)connect with your inner-child.

You subscribe to one of the 3 possibilities offered : one on Saturday and two on Sunday. All sessions are given in English and French. We have a lot of requests for these classes, so the priority will be given to the families who sign up for all (or almost all) of the sessions and must be prepaid. If you can’t unexpectively participate, please notify us in advance so that we can offer your spots to a family on our waiting list and you could be refund, or you can find a replacement too. You can also join another group to catch up (if there’s still availability)).


Schedules & prices

One session for 1 parent + 1 child costs €30. Each additional participant costs an additional €10. Sessions must be paid in advance. Register through this form

1st Semester

Prices for 1 parent + 1 child (+10€ per additionnal participant)


Examples of activities

  • Cutting and collage of colored papers to make a pop-up
  • printing of different leaves with real printing inks of different colors
  • Japanese fish with rice paper and Chinese inks
  • Drawing a winter landscape with soft pastels, charcoal (and glitter!)
  • Painting flowers with selfmade pigment-paints 
  • Fake stained-glass based on Chinese ink and ecoline
  • Make a mobile  with branches and lots of paper birds
  • Chinese Calligraphy 
  • etc

Have a look on our Facebook page Art en Ciel Brussels to discover some pictures. You will find the link on our home page.


I’ve been attending art classes with Pascale for nearly 6 years, her class having become one of the most enjoyable moments in my week.
Through Pascale’s skill, competence and encouragement, I have discovered “the artist in me” and this creativity has in turn increased my self-confidence.
I now believe there is an artist in each of us! With each class, I continue to explore and expand my competences through each new medium she proposes. A talented artist with great sensitivity and insight, her other strength lies in her ability to allow students to discover themselves through their art. Thanks, Pascale!

I would recommend Pascale’s art classes to all ages, they are informative, relaxing and fun, you will be inspired and challenged and have the opportunity to socialise and go home with your very own masterpiece each week, what more can you ask for.

My seven year old daughter really enjoyed her week with Pascale. She got to try using different techniques and materials, and created artwork that she would not have been able to do at home. She enjoyed working in Pascale’s studio & felt like a ‘real artist’.