Painting and Drawing classes for Adults Brussels


  • Mixed Media & Draw with your right brain
  • Classic Oil Painting classes


Mixed Media Art Classes with Pascale Lorge / Elio Ticca

We will invite you very regularly to explore different art techniques: as in PAINTING: aquarelle, acrylics, oil, pigments, inks, Chinese inks, etc..  also on different supports: different papers, canvas, etc….as in DRAWING: charcoal, graphite pencils, pastels, … etc.   You will also approach different aspects including portraits, landscapes, still-life, abstract subjects, etc. Printing techniques and sculpting with clay will also be explored, as graphical studies as well.  Every student is encouraged to believe in and to experience his or her p o t e n t i a l  and  c r e a t i v i t y .  These art courses are as well for beginners as for advanced people  😉

Emphasis is on enjoying the process and discovering the inner self through art.

+ Draw with your right brain

In this art class, you will learn in easy steps to draw the reality as it is: objects, perspective, portraits, etc. Through leaded exercises which are very easy to follow. These exercises are given in alternation with the MIXED MEDIA classes, so you learn also to draw 🙂

SCHEDULE  MIXED MEDIA & Draw with your Right Brain in alternation  * courses restart 16 th of September 2019 – no class during school holidays and Summer.

Monday morning 10:00 – 12:00 with Pascale
Monday evening 19:00 – 21:00 with Pascale
Wednesday evening 19:00 – 21:00 with Pascale
Thursday evening 19:00 – 21:00 with Elio

Price of our Art class: 10 lessons for 270 € (materials included).  After 10 classes, you can restart another 10 lessons.  If you can’t take part in your art class, please let me know. You can come the week after, or you can join one of the other groups in the same week.

Want to take part of our art class? … Here we go: Subscription

NB. It is possible to join our art class at any time is possible: please just contact me

art classes adults Brussels
art classes adults Brussels


with Shoshana Walfish


This course is suited for beginners, but also for people who want to deepen their knowledge of oil techniques.  Shoshana Walfish has studied in Montreal and in the famous Art Academy of Florence, which is one of the best schools worldwide in representational painting. You will learn the fundamental of oil painting, based on the understanding of light and form, studying after the old masters and painters of the 19 th century (Sargent, Cecilia Beaux, Zorn). The approach is personalised and depends on the level of the student. Eventually, you can move on to more creative projects once a general skill level is achieved.

This course is open to any level , Shoshana is very kean to guide everybody and to share her passion with all of you.

You subscribe for 10 classes. When the 10 classes are over, you can go on for another 10 classes. TRIAL class is possible, for the price of 30 €/all incl. The classes are small and individualized.  Shoshanal speaks french,english and italian.

A trial class costs 30 euros. You can jump anytime if there is space

Schedules and prices Oil/acrylic Classes -16 th of September 2019 till end of June 2020 AND DURING SUMMER 2019

10 classes costs 270 euros all incl. except canvas

Tuesday 19:00-21:00


SUMMER CLASSES !!! One evening/week 

SUMMER 2019  
tuesdays 19:00-21:00150 € /5 classes 270 €/10 cl trial 30 € Subcription
– 14:00-17:00 – not in 2019   workshop  € all inclSubscription
– 14:00-17:00 – not in 2019   workshop € all incl Subscription

it is possible to join any time, please contact us through subscription



For Children :  on Friday, Weekend  and off-schooldays

Minimum age is 5 years old – younger siblings who are also invited, should be accompanied by one parent – thank you for your understanding.

Programm: 1:15-1:30 hour of art: a memorable creative experience 😉  We choose together a technique, depending of the season, the age, the hobbies of your child, your ideas, our ideas : ink painting, printing, modelling, designing an object, painting….. you’ll find a link here below to our facebook page with pictures of our activities

You can come 10 min earlier to bring in the cake, candles, drinks – we provide plates/glasses/cutlery/table clothes and garlands.  We propose an artistic workshop during 1h1/4-1/2, after that,  you have 3/4 h-1hr  to eat the birthday cake and to open the gifts. Total duration : 2h15

You can choose to do that at your home or in the studio.  On FRIDAY and WEEK ENDS or day off on school

Price : 130 € for 10 children all materials included, each additional child + 10 €

+ At your home : + 15 € for the travel/parking

+ At the studio ART EN CIEL : + 45 €

With a maximum number of 15-16 kids per teacher. Beyond that limit, a second teacher is needed, price is 70 euros, with a maximum of 20 kids in total.

  • Praticle infos : to make a reservation, fill in the subscription form and we will get back to you in a very short delay, or phone us 🙂 Once the reservation is made and confirmed from both sides, we will send you a confirmation, the practicle info’s, as well as an invitation that you can adapt to your needs.  You can come 10 min earlier to bring in the cake and the candles – we provide plates/glasses/cutlery.  We propose an artistic workshop during 1h1/4-1/2, after that,  you have 3/4 h-1hr  to eat the birthday cake and to open the gifts. Total duration : 2h15-2h30


Recent testimony :

“Dear Pascale, I wanted  to thank you for the lovely afternoon my daughter Olivia spent at your atelier with her friends. Marine was indeed a fantatic animator. She was attentive to the girls and very efficient. Each kid modelled a little animal of their choice and they enjoyed the whole experience very much. It was very well organised and your atelier is so cozy, warm and inspiring. We keep a very fond memory of the party and I’ll no doubt contact you again on another occasion. Best regards, S.L”

“We celebrated my daughter’s 5 year anniversary at Art en Ciel and it was indeed a great experience, which we will definitely repeat. The children were all excited about the project (drawing and then painting a magical tree), which was appropriately chosen for their age and clearly explained. The overall atmosphere was very relaxed and festive, and all the children felt at ease expressing themselves. Thank you for making this day special !” GBF

“Dear Pascale Thank you so much for giving Harry such a wonderful birthday party last Sunday. He absolutely loved it and is very proud of his clay treasure chest and all the treasure in it. I have had many compliments from other parents saying how much their children enjoyed the party and how brilliant you were. It’s not easy keeping 11 five and six year olds engaged for an hour and a half, but you managed it effortlessly, keeping every one of them interested and happy the whole time. You have a real talent for teaching art to children and giving them the confidence to try things for the first time. Thank you for making Harry’s birthday so special. With best wishes for the future, Catherine

For Adults

Art en ciel can also organise art birthday parties for Adults.  Please let me know your wishes, and I can make you an offer.

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