Pascale Lorge – Director

Educational experience

Brou de noix - Hilde


  • Master in the Arts in Painting (Minor in Sculpture and Graphics) – La Cambre, Brussels
  • Pedagogical certification in the Arts, La Cambre, Brussels
  • Lithography, Académie d’Ixelles with Georges Meurant
  • Art Therapy (based on Rudolph Steiner)
  • Family Constellations
  • practice of yoga since 1994
  • practice of zen meditation since 1996

Work experience

  • private and public art classes and workshops since 20 years
  • art clubs in international and belgian Schools in Brussels : Deutsche Schule Brüssel, St Paul’s British Primary School, BJAB Junior Academy of Brussels, Gito Tervuren,  “Lesezeichen”, Herbstbazar, Kubi, ….
  • founder of Art en Ciel, Brussels and launching of innovating concepts as Multilingual art classes, artistic Birhtday parties, Child-Parents classes for kids as from 3 years
  • Director of asbl Studio Art en Ciel since nov 2018
  • transmission of  artistic and pedagogical knowledges to younger artists working at Studio Art en ciel


  • English, German, French and Dutch
  • Courses are conducted mostly in English and French, can be given in German or Dutch


I’ve been attending art classes with Pascale Lorge for nearly 6 years, her class having become one of the most enjoyable moments in my week.
Through Pascale’s skill, competence and encouragement, I have discovered “the artist in me” and this creativity has in turn increased my self-confidence.
I now believe there is an artist in each of us! With each class, I continue to explore and expand my competences through each new medium she proposes. A talented artist with great sensitivity and insight, her other strength lies in her ability to allow students to discover themselves through their art. Thanks, Pascale!

I would recommend Pascale Lorge’s art classes to all ages, they are informative, relaxing and fun, you will be inspired and challenged and have the opportunity to socialise and go home with your very own masterpiece each week, what more can you ask for.

My seven year old daughter really enjoyed her week with Pascale Lorge. She got to try using different techniques and materials, and created artwork that she would not have been able to do at home. She enjoyed working in Pascale’s studio & felt like a ‘real artist’.

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