Please fill in this register form online, and we will get back to you. You can also call  0475-41.70.53 only for urgent matters

Privacy policy

Name, email and phone numbers are necessary to contact you.  They are saved in our mail box and printed.  Secretariat and teachers have exclusive access to them.  Group messages to your art course are sometimes needed. Twice a year, we send our programm to our members.


As soon as your register is confirmed by email, please transfer the fee within the 5 days. After one reminder per email, your reservation is cancelled if the payment is not done.  There is a unique fee of 30 euros/family to be paid to take part to the ADULT + CHILDREN art courses organized by our association Studio Art en Ciel ASBL.

The TOGETHER SESSIONS (child-parent classes) must be prepaid. In case of a last minute cancellation, the amount will be paid back if another person can fill in the place (waiting list or you find a replacer).

Studio art en Ciel

ASBL * Headquarters * Boulevard Saint-Michel 123 – 1040 Brussels

Acces to the art classes: Rue de l ‘Escadron 36 – 1040 Bruxelles (through the backyard) 

BNP Paribas Fortis : IBAN BE89 0018 2557 7685 BIC GEBABEBB , please mention “Family Name  + course”

ADULTS : if you can’t attend a class for any reason, please let us know by email, and the class will not be due. You can have also have a make-up class during the same week or a weeks after.

Children : as the register is per term, the amount is due, you can have a make-up class in one of the other kids classes.