Portrait art classes brussels
Portrait art classes Brussels

We propose 3 courses :

– Mixed Media : 9-14 years : wednesday 14:30-16:45 : find all info’s here 

– Comic strip – drawing – Shalk Art : 9- 16 years : wednesday 17:00-18:15 : find all info’s here

– Intensive art classes for teens : 11-18 years : saturday, find all info’s below

Intensive art classes for Teens

This art course in Brussels is for creative teens who want to learn more about drawing and painting techniques. Some of them, if needed, can also concentrate on an area of focus or enhance their portfolio for university application. Be around with others who love art as much as you, while we will be working with acrylics, pastels, charcoal, clay, portraits, landscapes, etc… If there is a specific medium you wish to work on, that is possible.

This class is taught in English and French

TEENAGERS 11 to 18 years  

NIEUW : drawing and comic strip, shalk art, typography



Schedules  during  school year

First term


GROUP 1 : 11:45-13:00  – 13 sessions  –  230 euros all inclusive – 15 sept – 15 dec  2018

sept: 15,22,29 – oct : 6,13,20,27 – nov :  10,17,24 – dec : 1,8,15

no class on 3.11 – 22.12


GROUP 2 : 10:00-11:15  – 13 sessions  –  230 euros all inclusive – 15 sep – 15dec  2018

sept: 15,22,29- oct : 6,13,20,27- nov :  10,17,24- dec : 1,8,15

Trial class 20€ deductible from the fee

If you don’t subscribe for all the term, single class will be charged 25 euros/class


It is possible to join any time, please contact me

Second term 

12 January- 6 April 2019

Saturday : 10:00-11:15  –  12 sessions  – 215 euros all inclusive –  12 Jan – 6 April 2019

Saturday : 11:45-13:00  –  12 sessions  – 215 euros all inclusive – 12 Jan – 6 April 2019

jan :12,19,26 – feb :  2,9,16,23 –  march 2,16,23,30 – april : 6

no class on : 9.03  – 8.04 – 13.04 – 20.04 – 27.04


trial class is 20€ deductable from the fee

If you don’t subscribe for the term, single classes will be charged 25 euros/class

it is possible to join at any time, please contact me

Third term

4 May – 29 June 2019 

Saturday : 10:00-11:15 – 8 sessions – 145€ – 4 May-29 June

Saturday : 11:45-13:00 – 8 sessions – 145€ – 4 May-29 June

May : 4,11,18,25 – june : 8,15,22,29

no classes on 1 June


trial class is 20€ deductable from the fee

If you don’t subscribe for the term, single classes will be charged 25 euros/class

It is possible to join at any time, please contact me



This multilingual art stages for KIDS and TEENS invites your children to discover and explore the infinity of possibilities of PAINTING, DRAWING, SCULPTING and much more…:-) ..printing, design, bookmaking….

You’ll find all info’s HERE



Dear Pascale, I am so very sorry that I didn’t get to meet you in person this week – it just happened to be an extremely busy one!   But I wanted to say how very much Charlotte enjoyed her art ‘stage’!  She was extremely happy and enthusiastic every day when she came home and she could not wait to show me everything that you have achieved together during the week.   And indeed, it was all very beautiful!   I am very impressed by how much you managed to get done in only two hours a day.  And the variety of techniques that you use. At the same time, it is really a nice surprise to come across a half-day ‘stage’ which is, I think, perfect for children after the rigours of the school term!  As an added bonus, Charlotte made a very nice Irish girl called Elise and they are going to play together next week.   So it really couldn’t have gone better!  Thank you enormously for all your efforts which are greatly appreciated.  Have a good weekend!  Kind regards,  A.G.     PS  As for the adult art courses from September, I think perhaps Monday morning (but have to verify) or Thursday night might be most convenient for me.  Are there any places available then?   JULY 2013

Dear Pascale, I’ve been meaning to write to you since the end of the stage to say how much Daphne enjoyed it. And I loved the art work she brought home, especially the clay pieces and the china ink project per Hundertwasser. I will frame this work. our au pair, Josie enjoyed the experience too. Thank you also for the flexibility to take account of her absence on Thursday.  B.  JULY 2013